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Milk Yourself is a local Reno, family run business that was founded by Chelsea, a girl with a passion for relaxation. Not only are milk bath products relaxing, but they provide many benefits. When Chelsea was a teenager, she wanted to find a way to decompress after a long day. She began creating her own milk bath recipes and soon after started sharing her hand-crafted product with her family and friends. The feedback she received was so amazing that she decided to turn her passion into a business venture, creating products that she’s enjoyed using and making.

Locally Sourced, All Natural, and Homemade

One thing you will love about Milk Yourself’s milk baths and soap products is the fact that they are made with only 6 simple ingredients all completely natural, and locally sourced. The ingredients used in their fresh milk baths and soap products were all picked for their amazing benefits to your skin, hair, and muscle health. Each product is homemade in Chelsea’s home. When we say this is a family run business, we mean it! Even the kids get to join in and help with the creation of their products. While Chelsea measures out the ingredients by hand, the rest of the family forms an assembly line to fill bottles and place stickers on the packaging. Each item is individually crafted and packaged with care, so that all you have to worry about is relaxing.

Why Take a Milk Bath?Milk bath bottles, fresh milk baths

Say goodbye to messy and expensive bath bombs and say hello to milk baths! Fresh milk baths are extremely relaxing and soothing. The ingredients used in these milk baths all have components that benefits skin care, hair health, and muscle relaxation.

Skin Care

The combined fats, proteins, and lactic acids in the milk all work together to soften and hydrate your skin. Milk bath ingredients contain natural moisturizing and exfoliating qualities that can prevent skin dryness. The minerals and vitamins in the fresh milk baths help to reduce wrinkles and can even prevent new wrinkles from forming. And, the soothing elements of milk can also reduce skin irritants ranging from Eczema and Psoriasis to sunburns and rashes. Whether you suffer from uncomfortable red and itchy skin, or want to prevent dryness or wrinkles, milk baths offer benefits that soothe and relax your skin, and your peace of mind.

Hair Health

The components of our milk baths also do wonders for your hair. The nourishing ingredients of milk can repair damaged or dry hair, making your hair stronger and softer. Rinsing your hair with a milk product will result in a smooth, shiny look, and fewer split-ends, and who doesn’t love that?

Muscle Relaxation

Baths are a great way to unwind after a long, stressful day. How will taking a milk bath optimize your relaxation? Well, the vitamins and nutrients enhance the experience of the bath by loosening up tight muscles. The milk baths also allow your body to let go of any strain or stress that it may be experiencing.

fresh milk bathsWhat Sets Us Apart from Other Companies

Unlike most businesses who outsource and mass produce their products, Milk Yourself uses 100% natural ingredients and hand make each and every milk bath and soap right at home. Most big corporations don’t disclose the ingredients that are used in their products, but with a Milk Yourself product, you can rest assured knowing exactly what you’re using on your body. Our simple ingredients make it easier to understand the full benefits that our milk bath products have to offer. Milk Yourself takes the time and care to create each individual product so you can worry about one thing: relaxing.

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