Fresh Milk Baths And Other Techniques To Help You Unwind After A Long Day

After a long hard day at work, or a busy day of running errands, you deserve a nice relaxing night to help you unwind. It’s not enough to just come home and plop down on the couch. In order to feel fully rejuvenated after a long day, you should try some useful de-stressing methods.  Whether it be taking fresh milk baths or reading a good book, there are a number of easy and calming ways to relax after a rough day.

Use meditation to eliminate stress.

Meditation can give you a sense of tranquility, serenity and balance. This can benefit both your emotional well-being and overall health. Meditation can help reduce anxiety, stress, and help you get better sleep. There are a variety of different meditation techniques you can use, but they all share the same goal, which is to create inner peace. Check out the app Headspace to help you learn some meditation techniques and methods and get started on your journey to inner tranquility.

Lay down with a weighted blanket.

They say that sleeping with a weighted blanket is like getting a firm, but gentle hug. Research has even proved that deep touch pressure stimulation therapy works to help alleviate stress. The heavy weight from the blanket is supposed to reduce anxiety, aid insomnia through decreased mobility, and increase feelings of calmness.

Use guided muscle relaxation methods to destress.

Guided muscle relaxation therapy allows you to focus on different muscle groups that will lead to reduced stress and a relaxed body. These techniques will help calm your heart rate, steady your breathing, and reduce stressful thoughts. This method involves tensing up isolated muscle groups, such as the toes, face, hands, stomach, chest, neck, and shoulders for a few seconds, and then releasing. Moving through these different groups will help you focus on your muscles, allowing you to let go of stressful thoughts about work and life. Use these tips from Anxiety Canada to get started on your guided muscle relaxation methods.

Get lost in a good book.

Reading a book can help distract you from your daily stressors. Reading allows you to let go of anxious or nervous thoughts about work or life. While you’re reading you get to be somewhere else for a little while and this gives your brain time to detach from the stresses of real life. Reading not only helps your mind relax, but it helps your body relax as well. Reading can lower your heart rate and ease the tension in your muscles. So, go pick up a good book and start reading, your mind and body will both thank you.

Relax by listening to calming nature sounds.

It’s true that listening to the calming sounds of nature can help reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that nature sounds physically alter the connections in our brains which help reduce our body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct. When listening to nature sounds, our brains reflect an outward-directed focus of attention as opposed to an inward-directed focus which is often linked to feelings of anxiety and stress. Hearing the zen sounds of nature will help you focus your attention on the nature and focus less on stressful situations, which helps your body and mind relax.

Don’t forget to exercise.

Exercise helps produce endorphins in the body which is a natural way to relieve pain and stress, and boost happiness. Moving your body and increasing your heart rate will help produce endorphins quicker and will get those “feel-good” chemicals in your brain to start sending “feel-good” signals to the rest of your body. Hitting the gym, taking an exercise class, and even taking a brisk walk after work can help reduce the feeling of stress and nervousness, and will also make your body feel better too.

fresh milk bathsTreat yourself to warm fresh milk baths.

If you’ve never taken a fresh milk bath, then you’d be surprised by the amazing relaxing effects they can have on your body. Warm fresh milk baths can help calm the nervous system, improve your breathing, and reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body. Combining the warm water with the ingredients from your milk bath are good for your muscles, joints, and bones, which relieves your body of minor aches and pains. Fresh milk baths can also help improve your mood and will ease your mind from daily stressors such as work.

Milk Yourself is here for all your relaxation needs.

After a long day, nothing sounds better than a nice, warm milk bath and some time to yourself. Milk Yourself’s mission is to be able to create a relaxing experience for hard-working women and men who need to unwind at the end of the day. We create products that are designed to help reduce stress and ease the tension in your body. Shop our milk bath products to see how they can help you unwind after a long day!

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