Homemade Milk Baths vs. Store Bought Brands

The Benefits of Homemade Milk Baths

Why Milk Baths?

Milk baths are known to be a great way to relax after a long day. Along with providing you with a relaxing experience, there are benefits for your skincare, hair health, muscles, and overall health. It can also help relax tired feet or even treat a fungal infection! Not every milk bath product includes the same ingredients. At Milk Yourself, we only include 6 ingredients ensuring that you know exactly what goes into every homemade milk bath bottle. This is not the same for store-bought milk bath products.

Milk Yourself vs. Store Bought Brands

Milk Yourself homemade milk baths stand out from other store-bought milk bath brands. We do so with our use of just 6 simple ingredients. These ingredients are handpicked by Chelsea, the founder, and are never outsourced or mass-produced. Each product is assembled right at home, staying true to our 6 ingredients. These ingredients are picked specifically to benefit your skin, hair, and muscle health. We use simple ingredients to help make it easier for our customers to understand the full benefits our homemade milk baths have to offer.

It’s very common for big corporations not to disclose all of the ingredients that are used in their products. They could be hiding ingredients that could be harmful to your skin, making the milk bath a lot less relaxing than you expected. Milk baths are meant to moisturize and soothe your skin. Other store-bought brands could have negative side effects to your skin with all the ingredients they use that are mass-produced in factories.

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Our Benefits

While other big companies sell their milk baths solely for the purpose of relaxation, Milk Yourself homemade milk baths come with a number of benefits. First, our milk baths are good for sensitive skin and can soothe skin irritations. We make sure our simple ingredients are natural and safe for your skin while also moisturizing and exfoliating. Alongside this, our milk baths can also soften and repair your hair.

Our homemade milk baths also contain anti-aging properties that have the same results as those expensive store-bought creams and serums. Lastly, our homemade milk baths have a combination of vitamins and nutrients that are for relaxing your muscles and feet after a long day.

Milk Yourself

At Milk Yourself, we take pride in the fact our ingredients will benefit you in more ways than one! We can guarantee our 6 ingredients can help you relax after a long day. Your relaxation is our priority. This is why we make it known to our customers their milk bath was made all from locally sourced and natural ingredients that will be safe for you and your whole family. Shop NOW!

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