Milk Yourself

About Our Fresh Milk Baths


Milk Yourself was founded on the basic principle of creating a product that promoted relaxation. As a teenager, our founder Chelsea started developing her own milk bath recipes to help her unwind after a long day. She soon began to create gift baskets for her family and friends for birthdays, holidays, and special events. After receiving amazing feedback, Chelsea realized that she could create a business making milk bath products she found joy in using and creating. Not only do milk baths encourage relaxation but it also provides benefits for the body. Today, Milk Yourself has expanded its product line to include fresh milk baths and soaps, available in 4 serene scents.


Milk Yourself is proud to handcraft our milk baths and soaps together as a family. Yes, even the kids are included. The first step to developing our fresh milk baths are to gather ingredients from local stores. Since our products only contain 6 ingredients, this part doesn’t take too long. Once we have all that we need, Chelsea takes the lead on measuring the ingredients to ensure the milk bath recipe is perfected. This is where the whole family joins in. We create an assembly line in our kitchen and work as a team to fill all of the bottles. You may notice that our stickers are not always just right, that’s because putting on the stickers is the kids’ favorite part! What could be better than making something as a family for others to enjoy?


In the milk bath industry, most companies mass produce their products in factories and don’t necessarily disclose what is in their products. Since our fresh milk baths and soaps are homemade and only include 6 ingredients, we know exactly what goes in each bottle and make it clear to our customers. These simple ingredients make it easier for us to understand the true benefits behind our milk bath products. Milk Yourself products are never outsourced or mass produced, they are individually made in our home with locally sourced ingredients.